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  • Why should the quality of your presentation be determined by your design skills?

    Presentation apps have been around for over 30 years but even today, your presentations are judged primarily by your design skills rather than on your content.

    The problem is the presentation apps that you use today were built for a different time and age - one that involved writing a presentation with your own hands and printing or projecting it to share with others.

    While the world has advanced by leaps and bounds from that age, presentation software has not kept pace. You are still expected to take a million decisions involving formatting, design, colors - things that have little to do with the most important thing in your presentation - your story.

    Say hello to deck

    deck is a new type of presentation app. We believe that everyone has a story to tell - deck makes it drop-dead simple for everyone to effortlessly create a beautiful presentation on any device.

    The simplest presentation app ever
    deck gives you wings!

    deck lets you effortlessly create presentations that:

    Always look good

    No design skills needed
    deck lets normal people (those who are not designers) create flawlessly beautiful presentations.

    Beautiful graphics, animation and typography
    Once you have crafted your note, it only takes a single click for deck to convert your story into a stunning slideshow that will dazzle your audience!

    Consistent design and formatting
    deck prevents you from taking poor formatting decisions that lead to inconsistent design.

    Make you look good

    Focus on the content
    There are no formatting options in deck - you can focus all your attention on crafting your content.

    Controlled affordances
    deck imposes character limits that force you to be concise and pithy while making your point. Similarly, you can only display and talk about one key message at a time (no bullet points!).

    A helping hand
    Helpful wizards unobtrusively guide you to choose the right chart or diagram to support your points.

    Work on any device

    deck is available as native apps for your tablets and smart phones as well as a web app that works in any browsers.

    Looks beautiful on all screens
    deck automatically scales your presentations to fit all screen sizes and shapes letting you work off any device.

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