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Pitch Deck

Impactful Pitch Decks Easily. Quickly.


Design-Adaptive, Content-Aware Smart Presentations.

The Product Suite

Whether you’re building a funding deck for your startup, a conversion-oriented sales deck or a clean, corporate presentation, Deck App Technologies has your presentation needs covered.

Pitch Deck

Creating an attractive business presentation quickly and affordably is important for modern businesses—by transforming static designs into fully interactive, performant presentations, Pitch Deck offers massive value without looking 'bargain-bin'.

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Clear Design

Focus only on your ideas with design intelligence that makes them more persuasive.

Rapid Development

Create production-ready presentations in-browser with a full-fledged design dashboard.

Deep Analytics

Get powerful behavioral insights of potential prospects via presentation tracking.



Design Intelligence

Presentations.AI assembles design from a molecular level and helps you rapidly design presentations that are a fit for your content, brand, company and context.

Content Intelligence

Presentations.AI recognizes the true intent of content, like the ideal "shape" of data visualization or the contextual relevance of imagery which helps identify and refine content in seconds.

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All the features you'll ever need

We offer the most powerful and impactful presentation software tools in the world.

Save time with a multitude of styled templates designed to showcase your content.

Create production-ready presentations in-browser with a full-fledged design editor.

Choose from constanty-updated 1,000+ assets to create your perfect slide.

Access frequently-used slides quickly by saving custom designs to the cloud.

Standardize fonts, colors and graphics so that everyone is always on-brand.

Broadcast presentations in real-time by sending customers an online link.

Our presentation templates are fully responsive, for presentations to work across platforms.

Presentation engagement metrics provide you insight wth insight to know what's working.

Decide if your presentations should be public, private or password protected.

What drives us

The greatest innovations are the ones we take for granted, like light bulbs, refrigeration and penicillin. We think presentations are right up there with them.


In our fast-evolving design space, it is hard for non-designers to know, or even imagine, what they want. What begins with intuition is fueled by insights.


With a deeply-considered suite of functionality and options, all of our products make creating beautiful presentations simple and enjoyable. Users love it!


Our products enable anyone, anywhere, to apply their unique skills, perspectives and passions to the creation of new ideas and stories on our platforms.

Meet the makers

Deck App Technologies is led by a seasoned founding team who bring to the table decades of experience across building business productivity software.

Sumanth Raghavendra
Founder & CEO
Kaushal Cavale
Co-Founder & CPO
Ravi Kasthuri
Co-Founder & CTO