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If you're not a presentation-making design guru, this probably sounds familiar:

  •   Visual assets in several places
  •   Multiple copies of files(ummn…version control what?)
  •   Design inconsistencies across the presentation
  •   Viewability of the presentation everywhere

Yeah, we heard you. With assets all over the place and designs that didn't exactly wow anyone, we thought we were drowning in…presentations. And we were software guys. We didn't want to spend time making presentations.

  So, we fixed design with development.  

Why you'll just

Make Decks Faster

On average, it's been noticed that users of deck make presentations 13 moon days faster, and have 4X fewer rage episodes. Because deck is just…fast.

Reduce Mental Fatigue

deck generates a design template for you as soon as you add your content. With complicated design decisions gone, focus on your story.

Keep Your Sanity

Because all your documents are synced across devices and backed up on the cloud, you'll know where your presentations are. Wherever you are.

Swap Design Quickly

With deck, you can change your designs as many times as you like without disrupting your flow of thoughts. Zero design effort. Like, zero.

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  • Single-click Design
  • 50+ Impactful Themes
  • Situation-specific Assets
  • On Android, iOS and MacOS

Stress-free Design

Once you've built out your story outline, a beautiful, on-brand slideshow that brings your story to life is literally a single click away!


Content Focussed

With complicated design decisions abstracted away, deck is about helping you focus all your time on crafting a better story.



  • Presentations

    Shouldn't be

  • Shouldn't be

    This Challenging

  • This Challenging

    At All. No, Seriously.

  • At All. No, Seriously

    deck makes it easy…

  • deck makes it easy…



Insanely good looking presentations. Easily.

That's the whole point of deck.

With easy-to-use themes and a large asset libraries, making a presentation has never been quicker. Or as much fun.

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People using deck

People use deck in a number of ways

Sometimes in ways that we just didn't think of…

Showcase Designs

Quality designs need the right light to truly shine…deck helps you showcase your work.

Depict Processes

deck is great for explaining how things work in interesting ways sans complication.

Improve Training

Empower faculty to multipy the effectiveness with deck-afied pedagogy

Leverage Marketing

With deck, improve the visual impact of your messaging drastically.

Intra-office awesomeness!

Be the office superstar whose presentations look so, so so, much better than anyone else's.

Peer superiority!

Use deck to immediately place yourself in a league above those who use…PDFs. Ugh.

See how it works
  • Adam Clayton “My biggest challenge was selecting the right fonts and colours for my presentation. With custom themes on deck, that's no longer a problem.”

    Adam Clayton

    Marketing Executive
  • Emily Archer “The best thing about deck is that it lets me complete my presentation, on the go.”

    Emily Archer

    Interface Designer
  • Marge Hollande “We’ve been using deck to send out client proposals super quickly. Needless to say we’re hugely impressed by the style and value.”

    Marge Hollande

    Agency Partner

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